All She Wants For a Dang Chinchilla!

What a fun weekend!  Kambree spent time with good friends on Saturday and Sunday.  This gave me lots of time to do laundry and actually put it away.  Her weekend might be a post in itself, little Miss Social Life.  

Saturday evening I met Kambree and her friends at Bass Pro for our annual Santa picture.  My friend, Sheri, had a Bass Pass for us to use.  It was the most stress-free Santa picture that we have had.  Sheri and her family showed Kambree a VERY big magical day.  We are so thankful for friends that love our girl like family would.

Kambree and her friend, Brooklyn, saw Santa together.  We didn't plan for their shirts to coordinate, but I really thought it was cute that they did coordinate.

Then Kambree saw Santa alone.  

Santa told me that she said she wants a chinchilla.  A dang chinchilla.  Honestly I had to consult Google to learn what a chinchilla is.  Thanks youTube Kids - now my kid wants a dang chinchilla.  FYI, this is a chinchilla.

Image result for chinchilla

This is how I feel about her wanting a dang chinchilla.

Last night I was in an email conversation with a client and I shared Kambree's Christmas picture and that she asked Santa for a chinchilla.  She let me know that her Dad raised chinchillas when she was a young girl.  Until the age of 15 she and her sister shared a room because the other bedroom in the home was full of chinchilla cages.  I believe that I know zero people that have had a chinchilla and this woman grew up with lots and lots of them. I thought that was a fun coincidence. 

On Sunday my friend,Norma, took Kambree and her son, Brent, on another holiday adventure.  They had a big afternoon together and Kambree came home very happy.  Norma sent me a few pics too.  

Here is her letter.

I'd love to have:  chinchilla
A book I want:  about chinchilla
I really need:  new shoes
My #1 wish is:  chinchilla
Mailing those letters to the North Pole.


I'm going to wrap it up for today. Have a great week and may all your chinchilla dreams come true.

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