Bags O' Kettle Corn

Hello friends!  It has been a good weekend.  I'll write a recap later but right now let me tell you about some delicious kettle corn.

Amber, the daughter of my friend Linda, cooks the best kettle corn.  They have the whole set up where they go set up at festivals and make large quantities of kettle corn.  Amber was at an event Saturday and I ordered several bags of popcorn from her for Kambree to pass out at school.  We did this last year too and Kambree had a blast passing out popcorn to lots of people  

Amber is taking orders for kettle corn that will be cooked this Wednesday, the 19th.  You can message Amber on her Facebook page Christmas Kettle Corn .  The bags are big,y'all!  They are just $8 a bag.

Last year I bought three bags but this year I bought four bags because Kambree enjoyed passing this out so much.  I had a couple of teachers let me know how good they thought the kettle corn was.  

I buy these food safe bags at WalMart and I make lots of perfect sized bags to pass out.  I pour the kettle corn in a large soup pot and I fill the bags with a large spoon.  I only share this because I tried pouring from the large bags to the treat bags - it doesn't work.  #trustme

I might print a label to put on the bags but I might not.  Here are the 30 bags for Kambree to pass out.  

As I was bagging the popcorn it occurred to me that I could put Jolly and Little Elf in the bag and give them the credit for bagging all the kettle corn.  #mommastired  I thought about leaving a mess like the time Jolly made brownies but the thought of waking up to a mess, even a pretend mess, was just more than I could handle.  

You can get some kettle corn too!  Local friends reach out to Amber for Christmas kettle corn  Take a bag if you have a gift exchange to attend or pass some out to your neighbors and get a bunch for the staff at school.  

Thanks for reading today!  

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