All About the Elf

Hey y'all!  How was your Wednesday?  Mine was VERY long!  Kambree woke up with an upset stomach and we decided to keep her home.  She spent the day with her Grandma and she seems to be feeling better.  I had a busy work day and got home after 8:30.  I'm so glad to be working from home the next two days.

My former co-worker and dear friend, Julie, came to visit me and brought some gifts too.  We visited a while and it was great to see her.  She's a forever friend.

I thought that I'd take a few minutes to introduce you to our elf - Kambree calls him Elfie.  We didn't intend to do the whole elf thing, but she was so excited that her school elf arrived.  Also, one night Kambree and I were cuddled watching a Christmas movie and Kambree said very quietly - "I hope I don't get coal".  Y'all!  My heart couldn't take it, I just started pouring into her and telling her what a good girl that she is.  So, we decided to roll with the elf and it's been so fun.  David and I believe that she really is motivated to do well because of the elf. 

I ordered this The Elf on the Shelf Plushee Pal for under $11.  This doll doesn't have the ability to be posed, but I'm pleased with the quality.  We decided that our elf would arrive December 1st.  Kambree was heading out for the Dallas Christmas Parade with a friend that morning and I hung a new Christmas t-shirt in my bathroom and told her that we didn't know where it came from.  She just knew that her elf left it and she wondered when she would get to see him.  Here she is looking all cute in her Christmas Elfie shirt.

While she was gone for the day we put everything together.  I wrote this letter.

Dear Kambree,
My name is Jolly and I’m here to stay
But I will be gone by Christmas day
Santa sent me to keep an eye
He is such a fun and loving guy
In this house I must stay
You must never take me away
You can hug me once or hug me twice
But any more will not be nice
Keep me where I go to rest
Don’t leave me down that would be best
Some days I’ll move and some I’ll not
Just keep me in my favorite spot
You are a girl that is so sweet
I’m so glad we get to meet
With Christmas Love,

P.S.  I hope you like the shirt, you look so cute.
Enjoy these brownies, share with your Daddy.

 Then I baked these mint chocolate brownies.

I don't know why that elf can't clean up after himself.

I was just going to sit the elf on the microwave and be done but David put some brownie in a little bowl and he even cut off a piece to make it look like the elf took a bite. 

Kambree was thrilled when she got home and saw that the elf was officially here!!

She's done really well with the elf and hugs it once or hugs it twice, per the instructions in the letter.  

One night the elf got into some cookies.  Last night he was watching TV with his face pressed to the TV - yeah I was tired.  Tonight he is laying wrapped in what looks like a shiny pink blanket, but it's a pair of leggings that she might want for Fancy Nancy day at school.  Then there was the night that he brought her the book and was wearing her glasses.  

So, I have a few more ideas and several more little treats for the elf to gift her.  It's only been five days but so far we don't regret getting an elf.  In the letter I gave us an out if we forget to move the elf one night - Some days I’ll move and some I’ll not

Thanks for reading today.  Do you have any fun elf ideas to share?  Have a great day! 

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