North Pole Express Recap

Hello Friends!  Happy Thursday.  I'm so glad to be coming at you today with a recap of our visit to North Pole Express in Grapevine, TX .  We were invited and treated by my friend, Sheri.  Her daughter, Brooklyn, is a sweet friend of Kambree's. 

We left at about 5:00 and headed to Grapevine.  We had a 7:45pm boarding time.  I mentioned our boarding time to a couple of friends and they were sure I meant 7:45am because they know me well.  I can't lie about this y'all - I was very worried about being able to hang because 7:45 feels late on a Sunday evening.  We were pumped though and I was able to hang just fine.  Anyone else like to be in their pajamas before 7:45?  On Sunday evenings I usually try to have Kambree in bed before 8:00 to set her up for the week but when there's this much fun to be had I'll make an exception. 

Everyone is encouraged to wear their pajamas and I was going to feel so silly if Sheri showed up not in pajamas, but she showed up in pajamas that matched with her husband and Brooklyn.  It was a very cold evening so I had on double pajamas and so did Kambree.  Kambree wore a dinosaur onesie over her elf pajamas.   She took the onesie off for a few photos.  

We did a quick walk through the gift shop with the girls and I made note of a few things that the girls would like.  Both of the girls received special North Pole Express souvenirs from their elves.  Before it was time to board the Dallas Cowboy game was finishing up and Keith, Sheri's husband, went and stood in line so that we could do other stuff with the girls and he could finish watching the game.  It was great to have a spot at the very front of the boarding line and even better that we didn't have to wait in the line with the girls.

Part of our visit to the North Pole Express included a picture with Santa.  We were able to choose from several poses and this is the one I chose.

Our next stop was to see Santa's Reindeer.  There were several reindeer but not all of the ones named in the song.  We heard that some "escaped" and there was a search for them.  Rudolph was quite an outgoing reindeer and definitely enjoyed reindeer games.  He practically headbutted Kambree with his antlers.

Look at Rudolph photo-bombing us.  A stranger stood in a chair to take that picture of us.  

Y'all are probably thinking that we are some cute looking Moms - well, you are right.  Our girls were having a blast and that makes us very happy.  You may also be wondering where I bought my cute hat - sorry ladies, my Mom made this hat a very long time ago so there is no link to share.  #madewithlove

When we left the reindeer there was a tent with a few props for picture taking.  We messed around in there a little while.  I really like this first picture of me and Kambree.  

Soon it was time to get in line to board the train.  Fortunately we had a spot at the very front.  We dropped the kids off with Brooklyn's Dad and went to pick up a few snacks.  

The inside of the train was decorated so pretty and the atmosphere was definitely merry.  The bench seats moved in a way that allowed the bench seats to face each other and that was fun.  

I snapped this selfie before we realized our seats could face each other.   

There were elves greeting us and working on our train, but we had the cutest elf with us.  

Kambree ended up in my lap for a little while.

When we boarded the train they gave everyone a small cup of hot cocoa. The cup is neat and has a lid, we have used it for hot cocoa at home too.  During the ride an elf gives everyone a cookie too.  Halfway through the ride Mrs. Claus boarded our train to pass out a "Believe" bell to all the children.  Sheri told our elf that we would like a bell too, so when Mrs. Claus and the elf came to our seats the elf told Mrs. Claus that there were four believers.  Look at the magic as Sheri receives her bell.  I'm so glad they gave all us girls a bell.  

When we arrived at the North Pole we snapped a picture with this elf that sounded so much like an elf when he talked.  

When we arrived at the North Pole it was snowing very heavily.  There were snow covered trees everywhere and it was very pretty.  On an unrelated note - how pretty is Kambree's hair?  She has the pretties beach waves.  

Up next was Santa's Workshop.  There was a show but Sheri and I left the girls with Keith so we could pick up a few things.  #helptheelf

We ended the night with a quick carousel ride before we headed home.

Sheri and I agreed that this was a one-time experience and that our girls are probably at the max age to really enjoy it.  I am so glad that we experienced the North Pole Express.  I have heard of it but was never able to attend.  We give a huge THANK YOU to the Franklin family for including us in their Christmas festivities.  We'll always remember this night.

Have a great Thursday.  I'll be back tomorrow with some Friday Favorites.  

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