What's Up Wednesday

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Hello,  if you are reading this then we've made it to WednesdayI don't have anything exciting to share.  I will do a Polar Express post in a few days but right now I can barely stay awake.  I don't feel like I have caught up from being up really late Sunday evening.  Kambree seems to have bounced back really well. 
Has anyone else taken a look at the calendar and had a slight moment of panic?  I need to get in gear!  I don't have anything wrapped and I have very few things purchased.  I do have a plan though and I don't believe that anything will be too difficult to find.  My company Christmas party is this Saturday evening then on Sunday me and Kambree are attending The Gift of Christmas Show at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano.  I think Kambree and I will have "girls night out".  Kambree believes "girls night out" includes chicken nuggets, so I'll see what we can do to make that a reality.  

Next week will be the class Christmas Party and Jingle Bell Run then school is out for a very long break.  Kambree is 100% ready for this break.  I am ready for a slower pace too.  This is what I'm ready for.  Add Hallmark movies to this and it would be perfect.  

I'm sorry to leave you with this stream of boringness but it's all I have right now.  The only things on my mind are hoping that Kambree get a good nights sleep and that she has a great day at school.  I'm also thinking that I hope I have a good nights sleep and a great day at work.

Well if you made it this far then we must be friends.  Have a great Wednesday and I'll be back Thursday.

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