Friday Favorites

Looks like we made it to Friday or if you ask Kambree you made it to "pajama day".  Every day this week she has asked if the day after this is pajama day.  She was actually excited to go to sleep so she could wake up and it be pajama day.  I'm working from home on Friday so it just might be pajama day for me too.

Let's kick of Friday Favorites!


The school did some testing last week and we are thrilled that Kambree did great.  The school tested at the first of the year and set a goal of where she should be now and we are thrilled that she exceeded that goal in reading and in math.  She was ecstatic too!  She received a certificate from her reading teacher.  Her elves are celebrating with a confetti party and a $10,000,000 milk chocolate bar.  

You might notice that we have an additional elf.  This is Little Elf and he has been around for a couple of years.  Kambree couldn't keep her hands off of him and he's been missing.  He's been found and he has the same rules as Jolly.  This is why Jolly told Kambree that she can hug him once or twice but any more would not be nice.  Jolly knew that it would be so hard for her to never touch him.  She's done great with two hugs and putting him where he goes to rest.  


Our visit to the North Pole Express was definitely a highlight this week.  Read all about it here North Pole Express Recap


I am still feeling the love from the Favorite Things Party that I attended last Friday. 


A definite favorite this week has been people feeding us.  Sunday after church Linda let me know that she had a pan of chicken spaghetti for us. It wasn't just a pan, it was a huge pan.  Then there's my Mother-in-law, she's been feeding us for a few weeks.  Wednesday night she asked if I could do a drive by to pick up some soup and cookies, last Thursday she brought food to our house and cooked it for us, Monday evening she sent mexican casserole home when I picked Kambree up from her.  Y'all, that soup that she had for us is so delicious.  It's like a turkey pot pie in a bowl, so delicious.  On the days that I drive into the office I get home kind of late so we really appreciate being loved on with food.

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Today when I picked Kambree up from school we headed to Aldi.  I have been wanting to visit Aldi for a couple of months but I really have not shopped during my recovery.  Let me tell you that it was great to see the variety of items offered.  I forgot how great the prices are on produce and the selection of cheeses is great too.  There were several gift items that caught my eye as well and a couple of things that I hope to go back and pick up for Kambree.  


I have had three people randomly tell me that they are enjoying my blog.  One sweet friend stopped me after church and told me that she's really enjoying it.  I was so surprised, I didn't even know she was reading.  I so appreciate anyone that takes the time to read and to receive such nice feedback is definitely a bonus.  

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These have been a few of my favorites from this week.  What have been some of your favorites this week?  We have some fun stuff planned this weekend and I'll tell y'all all about it next week.  Enjoy the weekend! 

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