Favorite Things Party

Hello Friends!  Thanks for popping in today.

Last Friday night my long time close friend group had a Favorite Things Party, I'll tell you all about it.

Everyone brought food to share and we dug right in.  We had the cutest centerpiece at our table.

I brought a fruit cocktail cobbler cake and some cracktastic crackers,  I chose the most dull looking food to bring.  Next time I'll add some color to the cake.  

We talked and laughed while we ate.  

Have you been to a Favorite Things Party?  Here is how we played - everyone brings three of the same item, we set a $10 per item price limit.  The idea is that we select something that is really a favorite of ours; maybe it's something that you always tell your friends about or something that you never run out of.  Here is what I brought x3 (I actually purchased four sets so I would have a set for myself).  

Dixie Ultra 9"
Dixie Ultra 7"
Cozy Nights 4oz Soy Candle

Everyone's name is written on three slips of paper and placed in a bowl.  Everyone draws three names, making sure they don't get their own name or any duplicates.  Be sure to draw all the names before beginning to pass out gifts because it often happens that the last person to draw will somehow get duplicate names - you'll want to sort all that out prior to gifts being distributed.  Each person will receive a gift from the person whose name they drew.  Everyone goes one at a time telling about their gift and why it's a favorite then they pass their gifts out to whomever drew their name.  I shared that if we run out of paper plates one of us will go to the store right away for more and if I'm home I'll have candles lit - candles are definitely a favorite of mine.  

Here is Mandy (she was our host) modeling a Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap that she received 

Here's Kellie wearing the socks she received - maybe I'll get off the hook for the socks I owe her.

Three people received Cold-Case Christianity

I took a picture of this box but not the contents - there were some essential oils and other goodies inside.  

Here's Melanie telling why her gift is a favorite.  Melanie is a Stylist and an Instructor, look at her teaching us something.  She brought two hair styling products.  

Here's Ashley telling us all about the Thieves cleaner and wool dryer balls with essential oils that she brought.  

There were these Green Leaf Like Grass-Blade Silicone Pens Fine Point Pen  Is it a pen or is it a plant?

There was wine and chocolate, bath salts, and more.  We all left with three things to try and we learned a little about each other too.

Here are a few random pictures from the night.

Look, here I am towering over my very short friends!  These girls are jokers and those two "short friends" are on their knees.  

We had a blast at our Favorite Things Party and I'm already looking forward to the next time that we'll see other.  

Have a great Tuesday and thanks for reading!

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