What's Up Wednesday

Hello Friends!  I had Keno last night and I was home by about 8:30.  I walked in and saw what looked like a mess and as I got closer I realized that it was Kambree with her head under a footstool and several favorite fluff animals around her.  There were even live fluff animals cuddled with her.  David and I decided that the responsible thing to do would be to leave her right there.  

We always have a good time at Keno.  Tuesday night we had our Christmas party; we don't play Keno at our Christmas party but we do eat and have a gift exchange.  Have you heard of or played Keno?  It's like bingo but everything relates to a regular deck of cards.  There are five rows on a card with one suit repeating on one of the rows.  This Keno group has been together maybe over 15 years, I've only been in the group about three years.  Several women in my church are in the group too.

We are counting down the days until the Fancy Nancy party at school on Friday and a few fun things over the weekend. Friday is supposed to be very rainy and I think we'll have pizza and watch Polar Express in preparation for Sunday evening.   

On Sunday evening we are going to the Polar Express in Grapevine.  Kambree and I were invited by the family of Kambree's friend, Brooklyn.  It's supposed to be very cold so I am thinking about what we'll wear and I really hope that I can get into some kind of regular shoe, even if it's only for a few hours.  

Well that's a glimpse at what up this week.  I haven't cooked since Sunday so hopefully tomorrow I'll get something cooked for dinner and we can end the fend for yourself frenzy that we've had going on.  

Have a great Wednesday! 

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