Tuesday Talk

Hello Friends!  Happy Tuesday!  

Did Monday whoop anyone else?  I woke up not feeling very well, but I made it through the day.  Tuesday, I'm coming for you!

When Kambree wakes up she'll see that her elf brought her Fancy Nancy: Splendiferous Christmas  and he also borrowed Kambree's glasses. Kambree will have a Fancy Nancy party at school on Friday.  We have been reading several Fancy Nancy books since early summer so we are very excited for this dress-up opportunity.  We intended for the elf to be named Jolly, but Kambree calls him Elfie.  I'll write more about Elfie and his hi-jinx soon. 

Does anyone else feel like the Christmas season is being rushed by?  I know, what am I talking about since I put my tree up before Thanksgiving.  Last week someone posted a "last minute gift idea" and it wasn't even December 1st.  Reading that kind of made me feel panicked and put me in a bit of an oh no I'm failing mind-set. Then I took time to be still and remember the reason we are celebrating.  JESUS!!!!!  We don't need to check a certain number of boxes or spend a vast amount of money to have the merriest of Christmases.  I'll get our shopping done and hopefully my wrapping assistant, Linda,will be available to assist this year like she did last year.

Do you have ways to keep the calm in the potential chaos of the Christmas season?  I am having a lot of fun making it magical for Kambree.  Our friends have helped by including her in some fun Christmas adventures.  I'm busy making sure she has an abundance of Christmas t-shirts and that she's sleeping in Christmas pajamas too.  Seeing the wonder through her eyes makes us very happy.

Well, I have a busy Tuesday at work and Keno in the evening.  So, I'll be back tomorrow with what I'm sure will be riveting content.  

Have a great Tuesday!!! 

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