Give A Kid A Book

Hello!  Happy Tuesday!  It's class party day and we're hanging on by a thread.  Kambree is so ready for a break and I am too.  Let me tell you what we did for a class gift.

Last Friday I had the idea to go to a thrift store and find some books to pass out to Kambree's class.  We would usually give a party favor type gift but I wanted to do something different.  I picked Kambree up from school and we headed to a local thrift store.  I was thinking that I might find books for anywhere from twenty five cents to a couple of dollars each.  Imagine my delight when I walked in and there was a sign that said a bag of books was $3.  I asked an employee and she gave me a flimsy plastic grocery store bag that I very creatively filled.  I searched for at least an hour through all the children's books.  Kambree hung with me for a short while but mainly she tried on high heels.  

I needed to find 24 books but I got hung up at 21.  Kambree helped me finish the search.  There were tubs of books in the room and we dug until we found everything that we needed.  There are some great books!  I would like to add some of these to our nightly reading stack.  

I ended up working very late on Monday evening so when I got home I was immediately on "get Kambree in bed" mode.  After Kambree was asleep I began wrapping and labeling all the books.  I sat with a TV tray and watched the end of Dumplin' on Netflix ,  Here is the wrapped stack and the label too.

I know that the kids would probably rather have the party favor type bag with stuff like an eraser, pencil, maybe some candy, but I hope that some will appreciate a new used book.  I'm excited to see which book Kambree gets since she's one of the 24. 

So, that's all for today.  I hope you all have an amazing Tuesday and that you are finding calm as we near Christmas Day.  

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