Friday Favorites

Hey friends!  I just typed Happy Thursday but then I came to my senses and realized that we just had a Thursday.  It's Friday!!!

Time to name a few of this weeks favorites. Let's get started.

1.  This drawing of me and Kambree under the clouds on a nice day is my number one favorite this week.  She smiled this morning and told me that she drew my arms with "too much muscles" but she encouraged me that if I worked out maybe I would get big muscles like the drawing. 

2.  Kroger Clicklist is definitely a favorite this week.  I have been adding items to an online cart for a few days and I'll finalize the order and pick it up tomorrow afternoon.  I won't have to step foot in the store and they'll load everything in my car.  There is usually $10 fee but right now there is a digital coupon for free pickup over $35 if you pickup Monday - Thursday.  I highly recommend Clicklist.

3.  My home office has been looking like a junk pit, it's been a catch-all for all things.  As we changed the house from Halloween to Fall to Christmas more and more stuff/junk has been moved to my office.  This evening David went through and cleaned my office, he found a new home for several items and he even found a few gifts that I had stashed but forgot about.  My cleaner office is making me happy right now.

4.  Phone calls with friends have made me happy this week.  In addition to a couple of calls early in the week, my friend Kellie called me this afternoon while I was at the park with Kambree.  I sat on a park bench and chatted with her and it was refreshing.  I actually LOL'd several times.  

5.  Kambree and I had an unplanned girls night out today.  That's what she calls it anytime just she and I go do something, or even if we just chill at home and watch a movie.  I think what qualifies a night as girls night out to Kambree is chicken nuggets.  We went to the park.

The weather was so beautiful.  
I thought this picture came out so cool. 
We went to Wendy's for dinner then she had gymnastics.  

We played I Spy while we ate.  
At the end of gymnastics they practice cheer jumps.

We ended the night with face masks before reading in bed.  She told me that she had a bad dream last night and we prayed for protection over her sleep.  

After just a few minutes she wanted that mask off.
She didn't like that it was so tight.  
Alone time with my girl before a busy weekend is a favorite for sure.  

Well that wraps it up for today.  I'll be back Monday with what I'm sure will be a fun update from our weekend.  Have a great weekend!

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