Weekend Recap

Hi Friends!  I thought that I would finally recap our weekend.

 A long time ago there was a weekend and I'm ready for another one.  On Friday night Kambree andI ran to a couple of stores but shopping with a tired six year old girl was a mistake.  We usually stay home on Friday evening and that's what I should have scheduled.  Kambree was just done.  When we finally got home Kambree was so relieved.  Me too!

On Saturday morning it was very clear that if we didn't get Kambree out of the house she was going to go stir crazy.  We had a couple of hours to kill before Kambree's Grandmother was picking her up for a trail ride at a local horse park so me and Kambree headed out to the Crandall Christmas Festival - we saw a several people that we knew. The main thing that we did was wait in line for a balloon sword and face painting.  

It was a very cold morning but the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.  We weren't there long when it was time to leave for Kambree's trail ride.  We bought some cake pops on our way out of the festival, as one does.  

After I left Kambree with her Grandma, I went to get my nails done then I headed home to get ready for my company Christmas party.  The party was held at the home of our Interior Designer.  Everything was beautiful and her home was a wonderful place for our party.  Our dinner was catered by Blue Mesa Grill.  The appetizers were the hit of the show to me!  There was chips, queso, salsa, guacamole, shrimp, and shrimp on a corn cake (something like that).  There could have not been a dinner and  I would have thought it was great.  There was a bar with many variety of drinks to choose from.  One of my coworkers is a Sommelier and I knew the wine would be amazing.  I tried the red wine and it really was great but I ended the evening on water and soda.  

In the few hours leading up to the party I wasn't feeling very well but I rallied to make it to the party.  While we were eating dinner I began to feel sick again.  We left the party shortly after at around 9:00. I later learned that we didn't miss much and many people left right after us.  

On Sunday afternoon I had plans for me and Kambree to attend 

Image result for gift of christmas 2018

Sadly this didn't go off as I had hoped.  The two hour event was just too much for her.  There's so much anticipation during the Christmas season and she wasn't really able to sit still.  I really enjoyed the show though and it will be a few years until I attempt to take her again.  

Kambree and I were both glad to be home after the show.  We had a good Sunday evening and prepared for the week.  

So, we had a pretty packed weekend but it was a good one.  Thanks for reading today!


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