Three Random Things

Monday, Monday!  We had a great weekend and we ended it on a real high.  We went to the North Pole on Sunday but more on that later this week.  We got home after 11:00pm Sunday evening and we'll probably pay for it with Kambree being a bear these next few days.  Totally worth it though!!

I thought I would throw a little "Three Random Things" at you today.  These are a few things that add to my crazy.  

1.  I am a compulsive bathroom user.  By this I mean I will go to the bathroom anywhere and everywhere that I am.  I just never want to pass up an opportunity to use the bathroom.  Let's say that we leave a restaurant - I'm gonna go to the bathroom.  Let's say after the restaurant we run by the gas station - guess what -  I'm going to go to the bathroom.  I make Kambree go to the bathroom compulsively too - I tell her that I guarantee if she tries to go she will be able to.  My friends that go anywhere with me know that I'm going to ask where the bathroom is.  Anyone else afraid of missing out on an opportunity to use the bathroom?

2.  I have a huge drinking problem!  I mean I most always have a drink with me - not of the alcoholic type - usually a large water bottle AND a diet soda or unsweetened tea.  This is most definitely the reason for #1.  Years ago I challenged myself to drink a gallon of water a day and I still do that many days a week.  I usually leave home every morning with a big water bottle and a 32oz drink of some sort.  When we go out to eat I will sometimes warn the waiter that I'll be a high maintenance drinker.  David often determines the amount of a tip he'll leave by how well they kept my drinks full.  Now if only all the drinking would keep me too full to eat but that has never been the case. 

3.  I am afraid of baking.  I prefer a recipe that lists a cake mix as the first ingredient.  Anytime that I think about baking something I begin to wonder how old is the baking powder or the baking soda.  I wonder if sea salt is an acceptable substitute for regular salt.  Does it really matter if I use salted butter if the recipe calls for unsalted butter?  Kambree is very blessed with a Grandma that is not afraid to bake and she does lots of baking with her.  One time when I was a kid, me and my Dad were attempting to make a cake from scratch.  We never really figured out what went wrong but we ended up with a big bubbly mess that we had to toss in the trash.  So, all I'm saying is that you might want to think before you ask me to bring something sweet to a get together.  

Well those are just a few things that you might not know about me.  Have a great week!

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