What's Up Wednesday


Hello Friends!  Happy Wednesday!  Here's a look at what we have had going on this week.

Kambree has had a very loose front tooth for a while.  It was pretty clear on Sunday that the tooth was almost ready to go.  Kambree was at her Grandma's Monday and Grandma text me that Kambree wanted us to take her to the dentist to get her tooth pulled.  I gotta give it to Kambree, if I can pay someone to do something to save me time and energy - well sign me up!  

Last August Kambree had two bottom teeth that were refusing to come out and the new teeth were just about all the way in.  So, we had to have those two bottom front teeth pulled. 

All the teeth

About to get teeth pulled
Bye Bye baby teeth

Grandma let me know that Kambree was really working on getting her tooth out.  At one point in the day they sent me this picture.

Kambree McPhee

And I died laughing and I am still cracking up at this picture.  We have always enjoyed the movie Nanny McPhee and Kambree was living her best Nanny McPhee life.

Nanny McPhee

I created this side-by-side "who wears it better" 

Who wears it better

A few hours later my phone rang and a very excited Kambree let me know that her tooth came out while she was eating a donut!  To think of all the time she wasted biting into an apple!!

Bye Bye first top tooth

I was so excited to hear this news and I told her that I could hear the wind moving in the area where her tooth was.  Kambree Face-timed me and she was so excited.  

Kambree saved her tooth for the "Tooth Fairy" to come when she got home.  This morning there was $2 under her pillow (our tooth fairiy rate for front teeth) and Kambree was so furious that "she" really took her tooth because she wanted to take it to school to show her teacher.  

So, that's a glimpse at what we have had going on.  Kambree was out of school and with her Grandma two days and we're all back together.  I have cooked exactly zero times this week but tonight looks promising.  

Thanks for stopping by today!  Have a great Wednesday!

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