This or That?

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Hello Friends!  How's Thursday treating you?  I thought I'd do a little This or That today.

Beach or Mountains

Mountains all the way!  I do enjoy the beach, but I find that much water way too stressful with Kambree.  The mountains have a take you away kind of feeling and I really like that.

City or Country

Give me all the country!  I find a big city kind of intimidating.  I would rather meander down a dirt road than a city road any day.  I want the country but I need good WiFi and Amazon delivery.  

Dogs or Cats

Well, this one is easy!  Dogs!!  We have four dogs and sometimes they make quite a mess, but we love all of them.  We have a dog door so three of our dogs can go in and out as they please.  This makes for a really big mess when it's wet outside.  We are definitely dog people!

Movies or Books

I want to be a reader, I really do.  I just have a hard time not falling asleep when I start reading.  I really enjoy going to the movie theater and having date night at home watching a movie is a favorite too.  

Coffee or Tea

I am definitely more of a tea person than a coffee person.  I do enjoy a cup or two of coffee in the morning but during the day I am more of an iced tea drinker.  I enjoy mine with Stevia and a little lemon. 

Burgers or Pizza

This is hard, but I would choose pizza.  We like to have pizza on Friday evenings but we rarely have burgers.  I like a good thin crust pizza.

Shop Online or In-Store

I definitely prefer shopping online!  I do enjoy shopping with David's stepmom, Norma, in store but we rarely get to do that.  When Kambree was younger she was an excellent shopper but now she's at that age where she's bored or trying to negotiate for me to buy her something constantly.   

Fall or Summer

Fall!  I really enjoy summer but my very favorite time of the year is fall.  I enjoy the weather change and just go ahead and give me all the pumpkin decor and scents.  Fall feels like a reward for making it through summer and back-to-school. Fall is the calm before the busy holiday season starts, although we sure fill October with all the Fall Festivals.  

What about you?  What is your preference.  I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Favorites!

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