It's Getting Crazy Around Here!

Hi Friends!  

I thought that I would write about some things that are going a little crazy around the McLean household.  

One thing that has happened is that I am out of Rosehip Seed Oil and my routine is way out of whack.  I have used Rosehip Seed Oil for years and we have never ran out before.  I knew that my bottle was getting low but I really thought that David had a bottle somewhere.  He really likes it too.  My closest friends are reading this and are shocked right now. 

Majestic Pure Rosehip Oil for Face, Nails, Hair and Skin, 100% Pure & Natural, Cold Pressed Premium Rose Hip Seed Oil, 4 oz

Another thing that happened is that a huge bag of dog food arrived at our house yesterday from Chewy  but I did not order anything from Chewy.  It's the exact food that we usually order so I'm not sure what's going on.  I mean I did browse Chewy but I didn't place an order.  It's kind of creeping me out. 

In other news Rosie the Chinchilla gave us a challenge trying to get her out from under the couch in my office this morning.  We let her roam my office so that I could clean her cage and she wouldn't come out for anything.  David had to block her and herd her out then when he caught her she squirmed free.  She is a little rascal.  

Another Rosie situation is that we have felt really good about putting up the dog gate in our front hall and letting her run and play.  I noticed Sunday evening that she would get a running start and jump up the wall and she almost runs across the wall and when she does she can go higher than the doorknobs.  I foolishly thought that she couldn't go above the dog gate because she doesn't have enough runway, so to speak.  Well, I was wrong!!!  Kambree was in the hall with her and I was watching from the living room and the next thing I know there is Rosie standing on top of that dog gate!  I screamed a really loud scream because I was afraid Rosie would jump into the living room and we didn't have our dogs put away.  When I screamed Kambree got very scared and it took her several seconds to pick Rosie up and put her back on the ground.  So, now we have to come up with another plan to block off the area above the dog gate.  

Yesterday morning we couldn't find our dog, Tiffy.  She was no where to be found and I worried that she got out of our yard.  We have a dog door so the little dogs go in and out as they please.  I knew her running off was unlikely because we had a downed fence situation once and she was the only one that didn't run off.  After searching and calling her for about ten minutes she appeared in the living room.  She was walking all cowered down like she was in trouble.  She probably got into the pantry and stole some snacks and was hiding eating them.  

So, these are a few strange happenings.  I'm feeling a little out of whack - surely it's the Rosehip Seed Oil.  

I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Favorites.

Have a great day!

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