Tuesday Talk - January 2019 Edition

Hello Friends!  Today I am linking up with Ashley and Erika for Tuesday Talk.  Once a month we talk about anything and everything.  It's like we're having a conversation with a girlfriend.

Let's talk about things that remind us of our childhood.  Just yesterday I was walking through a store and I heard someone say, "go ahead".  I remembered that when I was a kid my Dad would respond to "go ahead" with "did you just call me a goat head".  That may not sound funny as a grown up but as a kid I thought that it was hilarious.  

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Right after Christmas my co-worker brought me a Lifesaver book and I was instantly reminded of when my Dad would put a roll of Lifesavers in my shoe when he worked crazy hours.  

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Most every morning Kambree will ask me to help her put on her socks because there is a bump when she does it.  So, I use my magical no sock bump skills and put her socks on her little feet.  I remember asking my Mom EVERY SINGLE DAY which foot my socks went on.  I don't know why it took me so long to realize that socks weren't left or right foot specific.  

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One of my favorite Christmas memories happened EVERY YEAR on Christmas Eve.  My Mom would suddenly become ill and she'd be in her room all day.  My Dad would keep us occupied and he'd check on Mom from time to time.  My poor Mom would be ill the entire day but miraculously when it was time for the Christmas Eve festivities she would make a turn for the better.  My Aunt Rita and Uncle Bernie would arrive and Mom would emerge looking fresh and healthy as ever.  A real Christmas miracle, y'all!  I think of this every time that I also let my gift wrapping fall way behind and I have to pull a disappearing act.

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During the summer or school breaks me and my brother and sister would sometimes stay home alone.  We would eat pot pies and bologna sandwiches for lunch.  We probably had more variety than that but I mainly remember these two things.  On some days, however, if we were feeling particularly fancy we would make a fancy meat and cheese tray.  We would have bologna, american cheese, and saltine crackers.  The bologna would be cut all fancy in little triangles and the american cheese would be cut into little rectangles.  I remember one time that my brother delivered the meat and cheese tray to the living room in his Little Tikes truck.  Whoever made the meat and cheese tray would be in charge of making sure that the proportions were correct - there should be meat and cheese for every cracker.  So, as a grown up any time that I see american cheese I think of our meat and cheese trays and just laugh to myself.  

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I have enjoyed this walk down memory lane.  Do you have anything that triggers childhood memories?  I was blessed with great parents and a wonderful brother and sister.  There are so many sweet memories.  

Thanks for chatting with me today.  I'll be back tomorrow.  Have a great day!

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