Let's Look!

Hello Friends!

Today I am linking up with A Little Bit of Everything Blog and Mix and Match Mama.  This month we are taking a look at the coziest spot in our homes.  

Look at the fun "Let's Look At..." posts that are planned for this year.

There are two spots in my home that I find the coziest.  First would be my bed!!!

The best feeling is relaxing in bed at the end of the day.  I like to have at least four pillows behind me at all times, even though that leaves David with only two.  I really like the bed to be made everyday but I don't make it.  David makes the bed and then our Chiweenie, DD, lays in our bed all day.  One of the things that makes me crazy is for my bed to be all disheveled.  Sometimes Kambree will get all crazy on our bed and totally destroy it and you wouldn't believe how crazy that makes me.  David made the headboard and I really like it.  Right now I am sitting up in bed typing this post and I'm watching Chopped.   This is the life!

The next coziest spot would be on our couch.  

The spot beside Kambree is my assigned seat.  Look at that tired girl!  When I sat down she leaned on me and fell asleep.  We are in need of a new couch but for now this one will do.  The ends recline and it's really comfortable.  When I'm taking some time to relax during the day this is where you'll find me.  

What is the coziest spot in your house?

Thanks for reading today!

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