Friday Favorites - January 18, 2019

Hello Friends!  I'm coming at you today with a few favorites from this week.

I've felt in a bit of a fog this week but there are always things that brighten up my week.


I tried a  Jersey Mike's sandwich last Friday and I had another earlier this week.  It is so good.  I had a Jersey Shores Favorite which has provolone, ham, and cappacuolo.  The oil, vinegar, and spices that they put on the sandwiches is really fresh tasting.  I thought that this was a treat that I could only enjoy at work but I was happy to learn there is one near me.   

#2 Jersey Shore's Favorite - Cold Subs

Meeting David for a mid-week dinner out was a sure favorite.  We met at El Fenix on Wednesday evening.  We eat at home a lot and going out to eat is something that I really enjoy.  David would prefer to eat at home most always.  Just the two of us sitting and talking doesn't happen near enough when there is a six year old in our house.  


Yesterday me and David surprised Kambree and showed up to sit with her at lunch time.  She chose two friends to join us - although I'm not sure she was supposed to.  I only snapped this horrible picture but you get the idea.  We visited with these three cuties while they ate their lunch.  They were cracking up because David kept switching the first letters of their names and they thought that he was hilarious.  I'm telling you these girls were hungry! 


I've been using this Lavender & Rosemary Hydrating Bar Soap from Grove Collaborative and it feels so refreshing on my face.  It's not drying at all and it leaves my face feeling very clean.  

This blog post Curly Hair Routine by Simply Rebekah has really had me thinking about wearing my hair naturally curly more often but doing it with some control.  Usually if I wear my hair curly it's because I took absolutely no time to do anything with my hair.  She listed some very affordable products and gave good detail about how she uses them.  I would recommend my curly hair friends to read this post.  She also references this Sorta Awesome podcast episode that she co-hosted where they talk all about curly hair.  

That wraps up Friday Favorites this week.  We are expecting a very cold weekend and I'm planning to make some soup and hopefully have a lot of time at home.  See y'all next week!

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