January '19 - February '19

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Hello friends!

I'm here today with a look back at January and a look into February.  Have you heard of Kendra at The Lazy Genius Collective ?  Kendra has a blog and a podcast and she shares tips for all of life.  Her podcast is a favorite of mine and her Instagram is fun too. Kendra's tagline is:

Be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t.

Early in January she shared a PDF called Lazy Genius Goal Setting and I had planned to blog about this last Thursday but as you'll read below that didn't work out.  Let's get this goal setting started.

Looking Back on Last Month

What filled me up?

A renewed focus on praise.  I have really been working on wearing the garment of praise and this has really improved my mindset this month.  Read more about what opened my eyes to my need to praise more yolandamclean.com

What drained me?

There has been a difficult circumstance in our home this month.  I don't feel led to share any details but it has left me feeling exhausted.  

What did I set out to do that didn’t really matter?

I had some blogging link-ups planned and in my exhaustion I didn't get them done. I was very bummed to have missed the linkups but it didn't matter one bit! 

What’s something I can celebrate?

Our nighttime routine is going great!  Kambree has gone to bed without me laying with her for almost two weeks and she has stayed in her bed all night long for almost a month.  She will even wake up and go to the bathroom and get back in her bed.  We are so proud of her!  

What can I let go of next month?

I can let go of feeling bad for not getting together with friends as often as I would have liked.  This month just wasn't the month.  I have some intentional friend time planned in March and I'll work on some opportunities in February.  

Looking Ahead to Next Month

What am I excited about?

I'm excited for several Saturday's free of plans and some spring like weather

How can I give myself margin?

I can meal plan and stay ahead on laundry.  By not falling behind I can give myself margin for calm.  I can also allow myself to do NOTHING when the opportunity presents itself. 

What will I be so glad I did?

I have started a bible study that meets at noon on Wednesday's.  I can tell that I'll get a lot out of this study. 

What does my body and soul need?

I need to walk a mile - and go up from there, but my foot is still not well.  I just need to move!  My soul needs to rest and trust in the Lord.  

How can I love my people well?

I can be more patient.  Does anyone prepare a meal and your people knew you were preparing the meal then when it's time to eat they act surprised that it's time to eat?  This makes me crazy!  I am not very patient when I ask David or Kambree to do something, so I could love my people well by being more patient.  

How was your January?  Any hopes for February?  Leave me a comment and tell me about some of your goals.  Thanks for reading today. 

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