I'm Back!

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Hello friends!  Did anyone wonder where I was?  Y'all should be glad that you stayed away because I have had a stomach virus.

I started feeling poorly on Sunday evening and very soon I began to understand why.  My distress continued through Monday and thankfully it was a school holiday and Kambree was with her Grandma.  I didn't have to wake up and get her ready, so I let work know that I wouldn't be in and I went back to bed.  I started feeling better in the late evening.  

Last night Kambree was laying with David and I got all settled with my laptop to write when Kambree walked in and told me that Dad was asleep and she needed me to lay with her.  So, I closed the laptop and got her to sleep.  It took her a very long time to get to sleep and she seemed very restless.  She had so much activity over the three day weekend that I think she was just so sad to see the weekend go.  

I'm back in the office today and she's back at school.  It's always good to get back to a routine, isn't it?

I don't know what it is about this January but we have had a birthday party every weekend.  I'm not complaining, I enjoy taking Kambree to celebrate her friends.  We have been to Urban Air , Obstacle Warrior Kids , Kaufman Sk8 & Arcade , and this Saturday we'll be at an in home party with lots of fun.  

I'll be back tomorrow with What's Up Wednesday.  Have a great Tuesday!

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