Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Hello, We survived Monday!  Kambree had a great day at school and I had a great day at work too.  David took Kambree to the park after school and they ran into one of Kambree's besties, Brooklyn. These two girls have not been in a class together but they are great friends. 

Kambree was excited to show me that she got "blue" on her behavior calendar.  The last couple of weeks before Christmas break were a challenge on the behavior calendar.  We have talked a lot about a fresh start and being kind.  This morning when we were about to leave I hugged Kambree close and looked at us in the mirror and said, "the McLean girls are gonna rule this day".  She agreed and I had her give me high fives which lead to low fives and then hand shake type stuff.  

Tomorrow is the real test though.  As Kambree was drifting off to sleep this evening she asked me if she has school after this day.  Then she asked what they'll do at school, like if they'll do math or science.  When she stopped asking me questions she fell right to sleep.

Earlier in the evening we had a bit of a scare.  While Kambree was in the shower I thought that I would let Rosie, the chinchilla, out to play a little while.  Rosie's cage is in my office and we have let her out to roam free in my office several times and we have not had any trouble.  There are lots of areas where she can climb and play and she usually runs across the middle a lot so we always know where she is.  Well this evening she got herself wedged behind a shelf and she must have been trapped.  I had no idea where she was so I asked David to come find her.  He destroyed my office looking for her and finally we heard a little scratching sound and he was able to get her out.  We were all so relieved that she was alive.  

Usually we can set her dust bath bowl in the floor and she'll run right into it and we can get her back into her cage but nothing was working.  We know now that my office needs to be chinchilla proofed a lot more than we realized.  Chinchilla's need activity so we like to let her out to roam when we can.  We'll stick to the closed off hallway until we can secure my office.  

That's all for today.  Thanks for reading! Have a great Tuesday!

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