Sleepless Nights

Kambree making her friend laugh like crazy.  

Y'all it's Monday.  I fell asleep last night and slept the sleep of angels until 3am when Kambree climbed in our bed.  She likes to lay on me - well not her whole body but her upper body all over me.  While she's laying on me Tiffy likes to lay glued to me on the opposite side of Kambree.  Eventually Kambree falls into a deep enough sleep and I can roll her off of me but then she wakes up a full twenty minutes later and thinks that she must have accidentally fallen off of me and gets right back on me.  

Fortunately she doesn't do this every night, some nights she'll just climb in our bed and not lay on me.  She gets in our bed so often that on nights that she doesn't I have a few moments of panic.  I think back to when I was a child and there were these stickers on some bedroom windows. 

Image result for child finder stickers

I always thought that it was so odd to have these stickers that told others where there was a child's bedroom.  I can see the need on a larger home but not on our little three bedroom 1,500 square foot home.  I don't think we had them growing up and we sure don't have them now.  I'm not sure why I have a moment of panic, it doesn't last long and I very carefully peek in her room and she's laying cuddled with Sammie all safe and sound.  I guess until she's a little older I don't really mind her crawling in our bed.  

On a Monday morning with very little sleep this is my to do list.  

I'll be back tomorrow with Tuesday Talk.  Have a great day!

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