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Hello friends!  Happy New Year (one day late).  We rang in the New Year at home keeping our pup, Sammie, company.  Sammie is terrified by fireworks and there were fireworks all around us.  David and Kambree hung outside a little hoping to see some of the fireworks but I stayed inside not at all interested in the amateur fireworks show.  Kambree lasted until right before midnight and we stayed up another hour or so.  

Kambree and I spent a few hours at the park earlier on New Years Eve.  Our local park has a temporary ice skating rink.  She skated a little while, then she roller bladed, then she played at the park.  There is also a temporary concession stand at the park and we enjoyed hot cocoa.  While we were sitting enjoying our hot cocoa, Kambree asked me if I wanted to talk.  You better believe I want to talk.  She wanted to discuss what each of us really enjoys doing.  She also really thinks we should go to Canada in two days. We ended our time out at Sweet Frog.  It was "no weigh day" at Sweet Frog, which is the only time it's affordable to take Kambree because all those over-flowing candy toppings weigh a lot.  

For lunch on New Years Eve I made spaghetti and garlic bread.  The three of us sat a the table and discussed what our favorite parts of the year were.  We all agreed that our very favorite part was Kambree becoming Kambree Maria McLean.  Kambree also decided that I make the best spaghetti that she's ever tasted.  

We spent New Years Day tidying up around the house.  I packed up all the Christmas decor with the exception of the tree.  David has to get the box out of the attic and he'll get the tree packed up.  As much as I enjoy the Christmas decor I am so ready for everything to get back to normal.  

I'll be working from home Wednesday - Friday. I have so enjoyed this long break.  We have had lots of time at home as a family of three and it's been great.  We have really had fun with Kambree's new chinchilla, Rosie.  One thing to note about a chinchilla - if they're running and playing they are also pooping.  Kambree is getting great experience cleaning up after her.  We have decided that the most ideal place for Rosie is in our third bedroom, which is also my office.  

Happy Wednesday!  Thanks for reading today.  

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