Happy Tuesday Friends!

Last Friday evening a group of my friends gathered for Thanksgiving.  We were missing several but we still had a very large group.  Most of us were a ladies group at a church, we were the Teacup Ladies from Eastridge Park CM Church in Mesquite.  A few have joined our group that weren't part of the original group.  We see each other several times a year but as I recall this is just our second Friendsgiving.

What is a Teacup Lady you might be asking.  When Lisa held our first meeting she collected matching pairs of teacups and saucers.  Lisa had them wrapped and used them as centerpieces on the tables.  At some point during the event we all unwrapped a teacup and saucer and whoever had a teacup and saucer that matched ours became our prayer partner.  I remember that we moved and sat by whoever had our matching set.  We were to keep our teacup set somewhere where we would be mindful to pray for the group.  

Carol Lee, Mandy, Yolanda
Kim, Linda, Lisa, Sonie, Kellie, Cristy
Doris, Ms. Kathy, Laura, Ashley, Ms. Doris, Jackie, Melanie, Charlotte
We met at On The Border in Mesquite and I wish that I had asked our server for his name because he did a great job.  I had the grilled shrimp tacos and they were pretty good.  I did take a picture but not until I had taken several bites.  Doris that was sitting beside me laughed as I tried to make my plate look untouched.  

We planned our Christmas gathering, a Favorite Things Party at Mandy's house.  She's in pink and is sitting beside me in our group picture.  I have known Mandy since she was probably eight years old.  It's been so fun to stay so connected with her all these years.  

Kellie filled us in on our retreat details.  Our retreat will be in March and all the details are being worked out now.  Kellie is a "master planner" and we basically just have to show up.  

Carol Lee, Kellie, and Ashley
Cristy got a few pictures of her end of the table.

Cristy and Charlotte
Cristy, Charlotte, Ms. Doris, Jackie, and Kellie
I sat across from these ladies.  These are some of the strongest ladies that I know. They have such perseverance and I have learned a lot by knowing them.  Funny side note about Carol is that most all of us call her by her first and last name any time that we speak to her or refer to her but no one else is called by their first and last name.  

Linda, Ms. Kathy, and Carol Lee
We talked and we laughed.  Women were switching seats to have chats with different women.  There were lots of hugs and it was great to be together.  

Have you attended a Friendsgiving?  Do you have a group of friends that you are thankful for?  I believe that we all crave connection and we just have to push ourselves to make friendships a priority.  I'm sure glad that we were able to get together for Friendsgiving and I am excited for our Christmas get-together.   

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