An Extraordinary Day

Hi friends!  Thanks for reading today.  I hope you were able to get at least one gift idea from yesterday's gift recommendations.  Today I want to tell you about my Wednesday, it was a good one.

After we all got out of the house, I headed to a doctor appointment.  My appointment was scheduled for Thursday afternoon but I moved the appointment to Wednesday morning because I was concerned about a painful area on my foot.  My Podiatrist said that I'm just over-doing it and to try to elevate and rest my foot a little more than I am.  He said that the sore spot is not cause for concern.

After my doctor appointment I headed to work.  On the way to work I stopped at 7-11 for some popcorn and a drink.  While I was in the store a man came over to me and was talking to me in Spanish.  All that I could understand was cerveza - beer.  The man must have asked me in Spanish four times if a particular type of beer was a good one and he realized that he was getting no where with me since I don't speak Spanish.  He spoke perfect English but assumed that I would hablo the espanol.  I believe that is was 9:50am when all this happened.

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I went to work after my doctor appointment and after the 7-11 interrogation.  It was a good day at work and I'm very glad to be working at home the rest of this week.  

My dear friend, Linda, text me and we had a short text conversation.  Later she text asking if she could bring me a Starbucks later in the evening - yes please.  I was concerned though.  Not that Linda doesn't do thoughtful things, because she definitely does.  The day after my surgery she brought dinner and dessert and she cooked us brunch too.  It was just odd that on a random Wednesday she'd offer to bring me a drink, so I began to become concerned that something was wrong.  I figured that she was bringing a drink and coming to give me some bad news.  See what the Enemy does?  He'll make us create a worst case scenario out of a really sweet gesture.  Linda brought me a hot chestnut praline chai tea latte and a chocolate croissant too.  We visited while Kambree gave Linda a hard time about not bringing her a cake pop.  

When Linda left I started going through Kambree's backpack and looking at papers and checking for homework.  I found a drawing that Kambree did and I thought it was cute.  I set it aside because we had to get busy with shower and reading.  While Kambree and I were laying in her bed reading she mentioned that she drew me a picture.  I asked her what it was and she said it's me and her under the clouds on a nice day.  Y'all!!!!  I thought the picture was cute but I figured it was her and Daddy, you know girls and their Daddies.  I am so touched that she made me such a special picture.  

While all this evening stuff was going on David was grilling chicken wings for dinner.  He made wings and green beans.  He did the dishes too - woohoo!  Sorry, no picture.  We had the kind of dinner where we stand and eat and talk. 

Sometimes it's the ordinary days that create the most extraordinary memories.   Some days life will be hard and some days life will be easy but if we are open to it I think we'll find that life is beautiful.

Thanks for reading today.  I hope that you find the extraordinary in your day.  

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