Weekend Recap

Hello Friends!  How was your weekend?

My weekend was pretty lame but Kambree had a great weekend.

Our weekend started early on Friday morning with the Turkey Trot at Kambree's school. Carolyn, David's Mom, and I rode together and watched from about the center point of the route.  David met Kambree at the start and ran with her.

The kids had early release right after the trot so Carolyn took her on a trail ride with friends.

Kambree, Ady, Ashley and Mady

I worked and had Friendsgiving later Friday evening.  I felt fine but after I got home from Friendsgiving I started feeling sick.  I woke up Saturday morning feeling awful.  I had a headache, cough, body aches, and all I wanted to do was sleep.  This was my view all day.  

Carolyn and Kambree hit up Old Navy for their $1 Christmas sock sale on Friday and they brought me a pair but right now I only need one.  My entire day was spent on the couch sleeping.  

I woke up feeling some better Sunday morning and made it to church.  Kambree was still at Grandma's so I picked her up and we had a good day at home.  One of our smoke alarms was beeping and we needed batteries so we ran to Dollar General.  While we were there I was behind this little old lady

Ladies, do not be afraid to mix patterns because look at this little fashionista.

We went to Dollar General for one thing and left with about ten things because I took us down the Christmas aisle.  One neat thing that we purchased was this scratch and reveal ornament set.  These held her attention for a long while and can be done while watching TV.  The end result is cute and I may go back and pick up a couple more. 

I am going into the office tomorrow because I have a meeting but I'm concerned about the length of the drive.  My doctor did tell me that if I feel like I can safely drive to go ahead for quick trips but I have a 1.5 hour commute typically.  I do hope that traffic will be light since it's a holiday week.  I have a driving shoe but it doesn't offer as much support as my boot and my foot really aches after even short trips (like to run to Dollar General).  Anyway all that to say that David may drive me - he's cheaper than calling an Uber!  I'll let y'all know how it goes.  

Have a great week!!

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