That's A Hard No

Hello Friends!

Today is Kambree's Thanksgiving Feast at school.  We were asked to bring pie and goldfish crackers. I mentioned bringing cherry pie because I know that Kambree likes it and I remember there being an abundance of uneaten pumpkin pie last year.  David said he was going to make the pies and I thought he was joking but he was serious.  Usually we have to take store bought items but items made at home are allowed at the feast.  He made cherry and blueberry pies.  Making pies isn't a hard no for me but it definitely isn't an easy yes.

Do you have anything that qualifies as a hard no?  Something that you won't even consider?  Right off I can think of two hard no's for me.

1.  Toilet paper roll crafts = hard no

Please do not ask me to save toilet paper rolls for a school or Sunday School project because I will "forget".  Please do not have my child craft anything from toilet paper rolls.  I will personally purchase the card stock for the entire class to use in lieu of toilet paper rolls.  Yes, the wreath might be cute but I CANNOT EVEN with a toilet paper roll craft.

No I won't

Not thankful for this toilet paper roll turkey

2.  Can you smell if this milk is bad? = hard no

I do not care if the milk was purchased three hours ago, I am not smelling it for any reason.  I would rather drive to the store for more milk.  Let's say that someone hands me a gallon of milk and asks me to smell it, there is a real possibility that I will walk to the sink and pour it out.  Also, people please, do not put a suspicious gallon of milk back into the refrigerator for someone else to deal with.  Just go ahead and discard of it responsibly.   

Is this milk bad? Yes, it is

Do you have anything that is a hard no?  Do you appreciate toilet paper roll crafts?  Are you a milk smeller?  

Have a great Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow for Friday Favorites. 

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