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Well Tuesday was the big day.  David got all the Christmas stuff out of the attic and our tree is up.  It's not fully decorated but it's fluffed and most of the berry picks are in it.  My goal is to have the garland and the fragile ornaments on the tree before Kambree can get hold of it.  Now don't come at me with stuff like - let that baby decorate the tree or poor Kambree - she has her very own tree and we add ornaments to it every year.  Plus she doesn't totally leave the big tree alone.  She just can't help herself.  Our tree has the option of clear lights, color lights, or blinking combo and I prefer the clear but Kambree puts it on color as soon as she walks in the room.  

I like our tree up right before Thanksgiving because I want to come home from Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the holiday weekend with one less thing to do. I've been told that I always have a beautiful tree.  I have several different types of garland and I pay special attention to the swoop of each strand.  I have collected ornaments for years that have sentimental value and that I really love.

Many years ago I was in a situation where the only solution that I had was to leave.  To just walk away from every material thing.  I had a bag of clothes but not much more.  When a person is in a situation like this unless you have money to really fight it's quite possible that you will lose everything.  I had no regrets about leaving the man at all but some of the stuff really bothered me - including the Christmas decor that I so cherished.   

It was Christmas time and things weren't totally settled so I still had rights to the house etc. but just couldn't get in to get my Christmas decor.  So we came up with a plan - we knew that if I could get him in an email conversation it would mean that he wasn't at the house.  This would give my cousin, my friends husband and her stepson an opportunity to go get my Christmas decor.  That's just what they did - I was able to tell them exactly where to find everything and they delivered all my Christmas treasures to me.  

One of the other things that I left behind were photos or items that were gifted to me. As I was going through the Christmas totes I found a photo album.  There was no reason that a photo album should have been in my Christmas totes but I am so glad that it was.  This would have been the photo album that I most cherished and I am so thankful to have it.  

Every year when I decorate the tree it's a bit of an emotional experience for me.  I remember that all was not lost.  I remember the love of those that collected my treasures for me.  I feel the restoration and the hope that the Christmas season brings.  

Thanks for stopping by today and I pray that you'll have calm as you prepare for Thanksgiving.  Have a blessed day! 

P.S. I didn't share the name of which cousin, but I bet you can figure it out if you know me.  

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