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Hello Tuesday and hello friends!  Thanks for stopping by.  

I thought we'd talk about talking on the telephone.  How often do you pick up the telephone and give someone a call?

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It's OK, you are among friends.  I usually prefer text over an actual telephone call.  I currently have 43 voice mails that I have not listened to. I see that I have a missed call and I call them back - or I text them.  

I have a friend, Sheri, that does call and we end up having really good conversations.  None of the topics covered would have been brought up in a text "conversation".  Now I'm not totally knocking texting, it's fine for staying in touch but you can't hear the heart or the laugh in a text.  LOL just doesn't translate like an actual giggle does.  Friends, know that I have a rule that I don't send LOL unless there was actually out loud laughter.  

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Have you ever poured out your heart in a text and received the thumbs up emoticon or just LOL?  Doesn't that reaction leave you feeling let down?  I mean, I just laid out some important details and you send an empty reply.  Well, this would not happen on an actual telephone call.  There would be discussion and confirmation of details.  

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I'm only kind of embarrassed to admit that when I receive a thumbs up emoticon as a reply I always think of this guy.  Every. Single. Time.  

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I wonder if you have sent someone a text and they reply with "thx" - seriously what will you do with all the time you saved?

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When I was a young girl me and my friend Tammy would prank call boys all the time and it was so much fun.  We'd LOL for real.  One of my first boyfriends and I would talk on the phone for hours.  This was when the corded phone was in the main living area of our home.  So, the whole family was sitting there listening to anything that we said.  Actually there wasn't much talking going on, it was just fun to be on the phone together sharing giggles.  

So, my friend has opened my eyes to the value of actually making a telephone call.  The value of actually hearing a voice and the emotion.  I think I'll make an effort to make a call instead of send a text.  What about you?  Do you dodge the phone calls?  Do you respond to calls with texts?  Are you a Fonzie?  Let me know your thoughts.  

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