Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Happy Black Friday, if that's your thing.  

How was your Thanksgiving?  We went to David's Dad and Stepmoms and we took three dogs with us.  Several people bring their dogs every year and we usually bring DD, Patch, or Tiffy.  This year we left DD at home and let Sammie make the trip.  We had a good visit and we got home late.  Aunt Debbie took the picture of Kambree, she usually gets a really good picture of Kambree every year.  

I have a few favorites to share with you this week.  Let's get started. 

1.  Taking Sammie to visit Nana and Papa was definitely a favorite.  Everyone there fell in love with him.  He's a gentle giant and he's very lovable.  I was nervous to take him because he's so huge and I suggested that he needed to stay in the covered porch and not in the house.  Nana wouldn't hear of it though and Sammie was in the house getting love all day long.  Here is one of my favorite pictures of him.

2.  Call it lame but I'm going to call our well stocked pantry and freezer a favorite.  I was able to make a cake, creamed corn, and glazed carrots for our Thanksgiving contribution.  Not to mention the other daily meals.  I haven't made a grocery trip since before my surgery, so I call this a win.

3.  I have enjoyed seeing some of my favorite bloggers post their gift guides, but I have especially enjoyed that one of my favorite podcasts has posted two gift guide episodes.   The Big Boo Cast posted episode #124 and episode #125 .  There are some great gift ideas in both of these episodes.  I listened while I worked and it was fun to be able to click on the link in the show notes while I listened.  Now this isn't some deep topic podcast, but if you want to hear two good southern girlfriends chat - then this podcast might be for you.  

4.  I'm going to name this favorite for the sake of looking back and remembering.  I usually lay with Kambree as she's going to sleep and most nights that's OK but some nights I just want to say go to bed and she's in bed.  Well that happened tonight!!  I mean she was melting down because she was so tired but she did it.  Sammie was in bed with her and she rolled over and went to sleep without me being there.  I told David that I was going to make a big deal about this in the morning and really brag on her.  Y'all, I know the days are long and the years are short but some days are REALLY long.  

Well, that's all I have for today.  Thanks for stopping by.

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