Forever Mom

Welcome, friends!  We had a good weekend and Kambree has two more days off school.  We are so blessed to have a Grandma that gives so generously of her time to Kambree and we don't have to worry about child care on school break days. 

Sunday afternoon I was watching Kambree ride her bike.  I was enjoying her beauty, her excitement, and her joy as I was watching her.  She asked me if I was proud of her for riding her bike so fast and I told her that I was a hundred proud of her.  She told me that it didn't make sense that I was a hundred proud of her but she sure enjoyed hearing how proud I was.

I was admiring how her hair looks so naturally beautiful.  Without any effort her hair does this beautiful beach wave curl.  I can't take any credit for her perfectly curly hair.  She gets that from her first Momma.  

Even though I didn't create this beauty, I get to nurture it.  I get the day to day task of reminding her to brush her hair.  I remind her that while she's in the tub playing she also needs to actually use shampoo and conditioner AND wash her body too.  

I have the responsibility of modeling modesty for her and encouraging her to do the same.  

I walked into the Valentine's Party at school last week and several kids announced my arrival to Kambree.  "Kambree, your Mom is here".  One of the boys commented as I walk in that me and Kambree don't look the same.  I asked him if it was because my skin is the same as his and he said that me and Kambree don't match and about that time Kambree runs over and jumps in my arms.  He said, "but I guess you really are her Mom".  

Kambree has a spunk about her that I feel other kids are drawn to.  She has an enthusiasm that is contagious.  

I'm not this girls "first Mom" and I am not even her "second Mom" but I do get to be her "Forever Mom".  I think we match pretty well. 

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