Two Wheelin'


Y'all I totally jinxed us!  I know there's no such thing, but I bragged on how well our nighttime routine was going and then it all fell apart.  I have had to lay with Kambree the last two nights and last night she woke up and got in our bed.  I'm not mad about it and I enjoyed cuddling with her, but goodness we had made such progress.   

Kambree revealed that when she was at her friends on Sunday they watched a few minutes of a scary movie.  There are some kids that can see a few minutes of something scary but our kid isn't one of those kids.  Her imagination is so vivid that she just can't watch scary stuff.  We are real careful at our house but gosh we can't be everywhere.  

The good thing is that once I agree to lay with her she'll go right to sleep.  Especially since the weather has been fantastic and she has been doing lots of playing outside.  She has been determined to ride her bike without training wheels and yesterday she did it!  David text me this video and said "our girl is riding without training wheels".  

Friends, I was so excited to get this video and to see her having so much fun.  Y'all, I love David cheering her on as much as I love seeing her ride that bike.  I have watched this video on repeat and I just love it so much.  I think Kambree will always be "Baby Girl" to her Daddy and I am not made about it.  

Did you grow up riding a bike?  I grew up on a street with lots of girls my age and we did lots of bike riding.  There are so many memories!  

Thanks for reading today!  

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