I'm OK

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Well I wasn't trying to scare anyone.  I'm OK, really I am.  Thank you for reaching out to cheer me up and for encouraging me.  I really just needed to get some things off of my mind.  So, I'm really OK.

Let me lighten this space by sharing some things that are on repeat around here.  

1.  Egg salad - fortunately we have been able to buy eggs.  A favorite of mine and David's has been egg salad sandwiches or with crackers.  Kambree won't touch it though.  The egg salad link will take you to the Naptime Kitchen blog and she's a great Instagram follow.  

2.  Best Fiends - Have you tried the game Best Fiends?  It's a good time-killer and it works without WiFi.  This game is a mindless escape.

3.  Kindle Paperwhite - I was able to snag a gently used Kindle Paperwhite off of the Facebook Marketplace a month or so ago for just $35!  It even came with the case.  I've been reading a lot more but Best Fiends is using some of my reading time. 

4.  Instragram Stories - I guess it's the isolation but lately seeing how others are doing anything is very comforting.  

5.  Apples - Specifically Honey Crisp Apples!  Kambree will have at least one a day and I'm loving them too.  We have one dog, Tiffy, that loves apples and she gets a little treat too.

That's all I have for today.  I'll be back soon!  

Stay well!!


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