Friday Favorites - March 1, 2019

Hello Friday!  I feel like Brooklyn with those Hulk smash gloves - we smashed this week and I'm glad to see it nearing an end.  I worked late every evening and I'm ready for a chance to recover.  I do have a few favorites to share though!


Kambree making progress with reading has been a favorite this week.  Kambree brings home readers several days a week and some days she's more eager to read than others.  Several nights this week she read like a champ and she was so proud of the progress she is making.  


We ordered a few new things for Rosie the Chinchilla and watching her jump and play has been fun this week.  The simplest change in her cage makes her so excited.  

image 0

7" hanging chew toy

I discovered these pickles a few months ago but they've been a favorite for a couple of weeks now.  These are the perfect side for a simple cheese and salami lunch or paired with a sandwich for some crunch.  Try them!

Jamie B. Golden recommended this moisturizer in one of her Instagram stories.  Then The BigBoo Cast shared it on their podcast.  The deal is that this Nivea Creme is a dupe for high end Creme de la Mer that sells for $85 for half an ounce.  Apparently the first five ingredients are the same in both products and if Jamie B. Golden recommends it then it's worth a try but especially since a huge 13 oz. container cost me $15!!  I am enjoying this stuff and I"m pretty sure that I'll need to order David his own container because he's always "borrowing" my Rosehip Seed Oil  .  Don't be fooled - this is not the stuff you get at Walgreen - it has to be the Germany made product.  

100% Authentic German Nivea Creme Cream 400ML/13.54 fl. oz. - Made & Imported from Germany!
Nivea Creme made in Germany


When Kambree and I went on a dragon fruit search I picked up some beautiful avocados.  I bought three and dreamed of the three times that I would have avocado toast for dinner.  I came home late last night and began preparing my dreamy dinner and I couldn't find MY third avocado.  To my dismay David had eaten that third avocado - I mean it was technically OUR avocado since it was in our home but man dream crusher!  I faked like I was so glad that he ate the avocado and that he enjoyed it - I mean I was glad he enjoyed it and stuff but I was left with my memories of the two nights that I had avocado toast topped with fresh Parmesan.  I'll definitely pick up more avocados and I'll live the dream again.  

Image result for avocado meme

Well those are a few favorites from this week.  Have a great weekend!

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